Thursday, April 14, 2011

Challenging myself....

So I have been in bed since Saturday with my back problem.  It's get's kind of old after a while watching tv.  In the meantime life goes on.  My son had a birthday and I thought about just calling, but I always make him a card, so I had to think of something that was meaningful to both of us.  One of our big things to do when he was little and learning to spell was play hangman in the sand at the beach.

My daughter drove me to the doctor yesterday to get a injection in my back and then she left for six days to attend the Future Farmers State convention in Fresno.  She has been really busy and has not had much time to practice her speech for competion.  So needless to say she was a little bit on edge before she left. While she was at school I whipped out a card to let her know she was the best daughter to me no matter what happens this weekend.

I haven't done any hand drawn cards in quiet some time.  It's a challenge because I haven't had alot of free time to draw with purchasing a house this summer.  The whole process of just coming up with the idea, then the priliminary sketching and then the final drawing is a process that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed.

I am hoping to be back to work next week and to sit in my studio and make cards.  Do you have any birthday's coming up?  Any babies on the way?  Mother's and Father's days are just around the corner.  Why not send a Heartifact card with your recipient on the cover.  Guaranteed smiles!!!

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