Sunday, July 24, 2011


Last night a couple of girlfriends of mine and I found ourselves grabbing some beers and heading out to a nearby lake to enjoy some live music on a perfect summer evening.  It was the first time I have really been "out" since my back surgery in early May.  I've actually been laid up longer than that and on top of that I've been feeling a little down because a recent break-up.  The girls and I actually ended up dancing with some guys who sat in front of us which made the evening perfect, yet bittersweet. 

I love to dance.  I love to dance almost as much as I love to make cards.  I love to dance because I feel the music and I can express how it makes me feel with my movements.   For me making a card is sometimes like writing a love song or poem.  I love to make cards because even though I seem to be quite a talkative individual, there are some things I have a hard time how I feel about people.  That's the reason I make cards.  Those deep feelings, especially those of love, are the hardest for me to express.  I make excuses for why I can't express love and I've hurt some special people, alienated others and broken my own heart more times than I can count.  This last time, is the time I regret the most.  As as in many artist's lives, even with great success with our craft, the deep feelings never find their way out, never to be heard.

Do you sometimes find it hard to find the words to express how you feel?   Do you know someone who might be lonely or sad today?  Don't let this moment pass to brighten up someone's day with a Heartifacts Card.  (805)296-8671.

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