Saturday, July 30, 2011

Take nothing for granted.....

I have a new enthusiasm for life these days.  I've been back at work for two weeks now.  Along with having a year and a half relationship ending, I am using my feelings of loss to move me forward to expand who I am.  Life experiences always make an artist feel more and therefore more capable of expressing it in their medium of choice.  I will try not to take anything or anyone for granted any more.  Today, I have to look life in the face and kind of laugh.  Silly me....I messed up but I am going to hop back on that vehicle called life and excellerate gently and move forward.  I can't take myself too seriously.

Is there someone in your life who needs a little pick me up?  I'm right here ready to make them a Heartifacts card.  Brighten someone's day with a card that is more like a gift....featuring them!  (805)296-8671.

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